Simmel: reflections on fashion and consumption

In the " Philosophy of Money " (1907) the value of things depends on the evaluation that gives the subject , and not on its objective material properties and the amount of work incorporated to produce it.The assessment is in turn conditioned by the historical and cultural context in which it takes place .  In the metropolis, for example, the … Read moreSimmel: reflections on fashion and consumption

Consumption in the Fashion System

The different meanings of consumption can not be understood except by taking account of the explicitly social nature of the process from which they originate. This means that each product has its history inscribed in it, which is constantly put into play in all possible relationships. In the act of communicating products, they perform actions that interact … Read moreConsumption in the Fashion System

Fashion, between identity and consumption

"Fashion and consumption are complex social phenomena defined as attitudes of a community which manifests a predominant style in a given period". Fashion is inspiration , creativity, intuition , but also organization, strategy and management. These apparently conflicting aspects must coexist and amalgamate to ensure the success of an entrepreneurial idea. It can concern all the external manifestations of man like clothing, architecture, … Read moreFashion, between identity and consumption